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Ginger kitten cakes
Ginger kitten cakes


Cocktail as big as my head, damn you san

Well hello to all you edible enthusiasts, and welcome to my website!​

My name is Amy, I am a self-taught baker, cake maker/decorator and artist. I am the Ginger Kitten.

Many icing filled years ago, in 2009, my best friend Nadia convinced me to help her create a 2 tier Mario Kart cake for her boyfriend's birthday. Knowing nothing about cake decorating, or baking for that matter, we attacked the challenge head on.

Hours of fun and mess later we left our artistic creations to dry, full of promise and a self-satisfying feeling of achievement.

A while later we went back to see how our little models were doing, only to find.....carnage........the dog had eaten the lot.

Mario was headless, Luigi was armless and Yoshi was just a green smear on the carpet.

It was on that day as I remade Princess Peach for the second time that, hey, I'm pretty good at this and, most importantly of all.....animals and kitchens do not mix!

I have been learning and creating cakes and models for the past 9 years. I have made designs from hat boxes to haunted houses, minions to mandalas, zebras to zombies. 

I specialise in bespoke birthday, wedding and celebration cakes with a special love for cartoon, comic, geek, gaming and horror styles. Give me a Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or Avengers cake any day! Kids birthday cakes are a particular favourite, they always have the best ideas!

So if you, or someone you love, have a special celebration coming up, especially if it's something a little out of the ordinary then please get in touch.

With Love and Buttercream

The Ginger Kitten 



Here you can find a selection of some of my previous cake designs. I don't have a "catalogue" of cakes, each child's birthday, wedding,  special celebration is unique, as should your cake be. 

These pictures give you an idea of what I can do, so give me a challenge and let your imagination run wild! (within reason!)


If you are having trouble thinking what theme or design you would like, have a look through my Portfolio for some inspiration. Think about what that person loves, does for a hobby or job, film or t.v favourites etc, and give it a Google!

If you can give me just a few keywords of what that person is into, I can go away and let the creative juices flow and draw a design for you.



What's your favourite flavour? Here you will find a list of some of the flavours I have on offer including the basics Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon etc. I am always up for trying something new though, so if you have a particular idea in mind just let me know and i'll see what I can create for you.

My business and kitchen are fully registered and I have achieved a level 5 food hygiene certification, the highest possible.

Some of the favours available.

Vanilla sponge

Lemon sponge

Chocolate sponge


Chocolate & salted caramel

Banana & toffee

White chocolate & raspberry

Lemon & blueberry

Coffee (with walnuts, if requested)

What dietary requirements do you cover?

 All of my cakes are homemade using the freshest ingredients and of course free range eggs.  Dairy free and gluten free alternatives available on request. Alas, as much as my boyfriend wishes, sugar free is not an option.

 I do not use nuts in my cakes unless requested, but I do work in a kitchen that uses nuts. Please inform me on ordering if any of your party have any allergies, I will do what I can to accommodate.

fresh strawberry and passionfruit cake

Portions & Pricing


How big a cake are you going to need? The below image gives you an idea of the amount of portions you can expect to get from classic cake sizes. Shaped cakes will differ in number of portions depending on size and design. I have listed two size options for serving your cake, a finger sized portion or a larger dessert slice. We would suggest you aim to feed two thirds of your total party numbers, due to food intolerances and people not actually liking cake! But of course it is completely up to you how much yumminess you think you need.

Finger portions = 1" x 1" x 3.5" slice

Dessert portions = 1" x 2" x 3.5" slice

Finger Portions

6" = 20

8" = 40

10" = 60

12" = 80

Dessert Portions

6" = 12

8" = 24

10" = 38

12" = 58

Cake Sizes.png


The question on everyones much is this going to cost me? My most basic celebration cake has a starting price of £30, but of course the more intricate the design, size, and the work involved will alter that price. Wedding cakes are slightly more expensive dependant on design, but certainly not double the price like some bakers charge! All my cakes are important to me, so whether it's a wedding, birthday, christening or just cake Tuesday, they all get the same 5 star treatment. When quoting a cake I like to explain how much each element of the design costs, so you are better able to make an informed decision.


I have listed below the cake starting price for different sized tiers. This price is based on either a vanilla, lemon or chocolate cake, different flavours are slightly more expensive. This price includes a covered cake on a board, a small message and simple decoration, finished with a ribbon.

The decoration work of carving and shaping, figures, painting, piping etc I charge an hourly rate of £15.



6" Round Cake = £30.00

8" Round Cake = £40.00

10" Round Cake = £50.00

12" Round Cake = £60.00



Square cakes are available for £5 extra per cake.

All these prices are for a standard height 2 layer cake measuring approximately 3-3.5" in height. Triple layer and double height cakes are priced accordingly, for instance, £45 - 60 for a 6" round cake.

Gothic victoriana lady in the making for


Where are you based?

 I am based in Bournemouth, Dorset. I offer delivery as standard to the surrounding area and further for a small cost, but not overseas just yet!


How do I order a cake?

 The best starting point is to either send me an email directly at or you can use the contact form to send me a message.

It's always best if you have an idea of what design, theme etc you are after, there are thousands of cake ideas out there so it helps to know what kind of things you have your heart set on. Once we have agreed on a design, flavour, size, delivery etc I ask for a 50% deposit, or full amount if that is easier, to secure the booking.

A cake will not be confirmed until a deposit has been paid, I hate to chuck good cake away!


How do I pay?

 Once you are happy with design etc I am to create I will send you the details for a bank transfer for the deposit. Once that is paid your booking will be confirmed. The balance can be paid either by transfer or cash on day of delivery.


How much notice do you need?

 The more notice the better! As we are a very small team we can only do so much per week, so ensure to book in with plenty of time to make sure we can fit your creation in. If you are looking for a last minute cake we might be able to do something simple for you so do get in touch.


How do I get my cake?

 I offer delivery as standard in the surrounding area. I like to ensure that my cakes get to you in the best condition, due to bad experiences in the past with customer pick ups. Sports cars are not ideal transport for cakes!


How big a cake do I need?

 Have a look on the Portions and Pricing page. There you will find a list of the sizes we offer and how many people they feed.

The portions are based on a 1’ by 2’ slice. We also suggest to cater for two thirds of your total party numbers, but it is thoroughly up to you and how much you love cake.

I don’t really know what design I want?

If you are having trouble thinking what theme or design you would like have a look through my Portfolio for some inspiration. Think about what that person loves, does for a hobby or job, film or t.v favourites etc, and give it a Google! Also check out my Facebook or Instagram 

If you can give me just a few keywords or images of what that person is into, I can go away and let the creative juices flow and draw up a design.

Your phone number is not listed?

 It is very hard to discuss and explain a cake over the phone, especially when you are knee deep in cake batter! There is always so much to work out and describe, it is a lot easier to say in an email, with images etc. it means I can get back to you when my head is clear and not full of flour and icing sugar!


Is there anything you won’t do?

 I would rather not be a Jack of all trades, master of none kind of decorator, hence why I prefer to specialise in the sugar modelling, cartoon, comic style.

I can make an array of designs but I must admit some might not be completely my style. I am not one for taking on a cake I know wouldn’t be up to my usual high standard. If this is the case, I have a number of fellow cake bakers who I might suggest you use, who are brilliant in the fields they have decided to concentrate on.


How big can we go?

 As I work from a small kitchen I am slightly limited to the size of cake I can go up to. I don’t like to bake bigger, diameter wise than a 12”, purely to ensure you get the best cake possible.

You may have seen a design that you love that has bigger tiers than a 12”, well don’t worry! There is a little cakey trick of the trade, polystyrene dummies! Once covered in icing they match flawlessly to the rest of the cakes, and are used in many of the big cakes you see online. In fact all show cakes are made from polystyrene, they are a perfect base to showcase our work.

 To find out more about polystyrene options look at our portions & pricing page.


I have another question?

 You are more than welcome to send me a message via the contact page and I will do my best to answer your queries!



Get in touch!

Woohoo! Message sent!

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